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Monday, March 19, 2018

Feb to mid March Pictorial

Regent's Park Feb to mid March pictorial

March bird news

6 Lapwings
150+ Redwings
3 Common Shelducks

Tawny Owl roosting in area 40
1 poss 2 Woodcocks in area 40
House Sparrow a male was seen in area 41 for the first time since the early 1990's

1f Stonechat in the Triangle Pen
House Sparrow: a pair were on Chester Road for the first time since 2001

Little Egret: 1 flew north east at 7.10am
2 Meadow Pipits flew north, the first birds of the year.

Nuthatch: a female was in the Bird Sanctuary, area 1.
Reed Bunting: male singing in area 5.

Chiffchaff: 1 singing in area 41.
Common Buzzard: 1 NW at 1.35pm

Little Owl: 1 flew into the Goose Pen at 5.50am.
Water Rail: 5 birds present.
Woodcock: 1 flushed from the Goose Pen, area 33.
Redwing: 75 flew east in small flocks.
Starling: 90 in small flocks flew east.


Red Kite: 2 flew NW 
Common Buzzard: 2 flew NW
Rook: 1 flew SW 9.30am.
Jackdaw: 8 flew SW
Stonechat: 1f was in the Triangle Pen at 9.00am.
Blackcap: a male was singing in area 31.

   Firecrest in area 4, other birds were seen or heard around the park.

   Siskins built up to a peak of 18 birds, mainly being recorded in area 31. Two or three birds roosted 
   in a Scots Pine in area 1.

   The feeder in the Cricket Pen

   Redwing were seen in good numbers particularly before the cold snap.

   This Great crested Grebe began sitting on eggs but when the lake froze she had to desert the 
   nest. The pair appear to have reclaimed the nest from Coots and will hopefully lay again. 

   This Moorhen flew across the lake before landing in the top of this Horse chestnut tree.

    Coot walking on a frozen lake

   European Wigeon, up to 5 were present on the lake.

   5 birds were in area 32 or nearby lake.

   Shoveler peaked at 36

   These Stock Doves appreciated the food in my garden

   Lesser Black-backed Gull 

   Yellow-legged Gull 3rd winter

   Common Gull

   The young in this nest hatched before 23rd Feb as they were very vocal on this date.

   There were 5 Water Rail present on 14th March

Saturday, February 03, 2018

January 12th through to the months end.

 January turns out to fairly quiet.

With out any long periods of cold weather and it being a mixture of rain, wind and more rain with the odd sunny day thrown in to cheer us up there was no need reason for birds to move around the country. We have had to make do with the odd good bird; displaying male Peregrine, sunbathing Little Owl, 2 Lesser Redpolls, and 1 Skylark. The Water Rails are still present as is the Brambling but he is really hard to locate. That was about it until last Sunday 28th, when on a lunchtime walk with my wife but only my bins I jammed into 3 Parrot Crossbills perched in one of the big pines in the Cricket Pen, area 31. If it were for the Siskin's flying up into the pines I would never have looked. They were on view for 6 or so seconds then the nearby Redwing flock spooked them and they were off. How superb was that? 

   There are 10 nests in the photo but just out of view are a 4 more nests. There hasn't been this many 
   on what is the island they first nested on in 1967. They moved to the Bandstand Island when the 3 
   large Elms that had died of Dutch Elm disease finally toppled. 

   Kestrels in area 32.

   This male Sparrowhawk regularly visits this bird bath in one of the park lodges.

   A flock of around 8 Long-tailed Tit's in areas 1 & 2 include this pale headed bird.


   Blackcap visiting a feeder in the Bird Sanctuary.

   Redwing and Mistle Thrush. There was a large increase into the park of Redwings in the last
   2 weeks of the month, even though it wasn't that cold in the UK

   Stock Dove's displaying over the Bandstand Island.

   Carrion Crow playing catch high over the lake.

   Common Gull

   Inappropriate feeding of waterfowl does the birds no favours. The increased number of corvids 
   attracted to the handouts has caused a decline in the successful breeding of ducks due to egg 
   predation of ground nesting species like the Tufted Duck (below).